Hand Gesture Recognition Technology
May 2012
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Omron Corp. has developed a new hand gesture recognition technology capable of simultaneously recognizing the position, shape, and motion of a person's hand or finger by referencing a camera-recorded image. Combining the technology with the supplier's core facial image sensing technology, gesture recognition can be started automatically based on the analysis of interrelation between the position or direction of the face and the hand shape or position. While conventional gesture recognition technologies require a trigger motion to start the recognition process, such as waving a hand, the supplier said its technology does not require this, and that this allows more natural interaction with machines based on the interpretation of the user's intention.

Gesture recognition has been attracting attention as a human-machine interface. The supplier's gesture recognition technology employs a statistical classification method and model-fitting. Through the modeling of hand shapes, this new technology enables speedy recognition of gestures using a small amount of memory.

The supplier's facial image sensing technology is capable of detecting various kinds of information from facial images, and is one of its core technologies. The developments to date have enabled such functions as face detection, face recognition, smile degree estimation, estimation of gaze direction, detection of the degree of mouth or eye opening, and estimation of age and gender.

The supplier said small program size makes it possible to embed the technology in a diverse range of devices.

Omron Corp.


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