Nylon Compounds for Replacing Metal With Plastics
March 2012
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A new series of high-modulus, high-strength nylon compounds under the trade name Schulamid HM is intended for metal replacement applications. The material series - introduced at NPE 2012 in April 2012 in Orlando - incorporates high reinforcement content of 40% to 65% using glass fiber, carbon fiber, and aramid fiber while maintaining high flowability and good surface appearance in injection molding applications. The supplier successfully replaced aluminum for the structural brackets of an overhead panel on mass transit buses with 50% glass fiber reinforced nylon. Additionally, the supplier said the flowability of its 65% glass fiber matches that of a conventional 33% glass fiber nylon. The company has found success is more likely when trying to use engineered plastics to replace cast metals and alloys rather than steel.

The new family of products includes:
* GFS50 (230 MPa tensile strength, 16,000 MPa E-Modulus): 50% Glass Fiber
* GFS60 (225 MPa tensile strength, 20,500 MPa E-Modulus): 60% Glass Fiber
* GFS65 (220 MPa tensile strength, 21,500 MPa E-Modulus): 65% Glass Fiber
* CFS40 (265 MPa tensile strength, 30,000 MPa E-Modulus): 40% Carbon Fiber


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