Switching Regulators
May 2009
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The BD91x series of step-down switching regulators combines the firm’s propriety Simple Light Load Mode (SLLM) technology with current-mode PWM control to provide exceptional load regulation and high efficiency at both low- and high-current load conditions. The SLLM technique enables BD91x series regulators to seamlessly transfer to and from conventional PWM control depending on load conditions. This dual mode of operation improves the efficiency by 100–200% over standard PWM controllers that typically ignore the low-power operating regime. In addition, current mode feedback assures fast response to load changes and prevents operational performance problems or failure in voltage-sensitive devices, especially in circuits with supply voltages of 1.8 V or less. Variable point-of-load requirements are found in a wide variety of applications including set top boxes, digital tuners, LCD displays, portable digital players, wireless LAN modules, personal computers, disk drives, microprocessor power supplies, GPS navigation systems, and cell phones. Rohm Semiconductor, http://www.rohmsemiconductor.com

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