Adjustable and Versatile Dishwasher Slides
May 2009
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The extra weight in the upper dishwasher basket can make the basket sticky and difficult to maneuver. The unique technology of Prisma slides provides for smooth operation that is not affected by the added weight of heavy dishes, so that the basket is extended as easily full as when empty. The slides also include an optional height adjustment feature to accommodate oversized dishes—the user can easily adjust the basket downwards to accommodate tall or long-stem glasses in the upper basket, or the user can adjust the basket upwards when bulky pots and pans need to be washed in the lower basket. Adjustment components are located on the four corners of the basket, which substantially increases upper basket stability. The slides come in two variations: the Hybrid, allowing for full or overextension of the upper basket, and the LV, allowing for partial to full extension. Both versions have been tested to withstand force up to 150 N. Manufacturing is versatile, because the upper basket runner can be assembled in the tub after the welding process or welded to the tub during the process. Both versions conform to RoHS.
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