Waterproof Connectors
May 2009
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The waterproof TEETUBE connectors provide IP68 protection, which allows them to be fitted externally and survive in harsh conditions. Supplied with an installation kit, the connectors are designed for quick fitting and hassle-free maintenance. A see-through option is available so that connections can be examined without compromising protection. The connector has been chosen by a supplier of energy-efficiency products for use in its wind generator. The generator’s unique design allows wind to blow parallel to the rotor hub, taking advantage of the Venturi effect to power wind through the rotors, as opposed to classic, sphere-shaped Darrieus turbines which operate adjacent to the wind. As the generator is subjected to harsh environments, the TEETUBE can ensure reliability outdoors and shorten setup time. Hylec APL Ltd., http://www.hylec-apl.com

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