Chip Inductors
May 2009
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The BRL3225 series of compact, low-profile, wire-wound chip inductors is suited for switch-mode dc-dc convertor applications in digital cameras, portable games, and other high-current-use devices. Measuring 3.2 × 2.5 mm with a 1.7-mm maximum height, the seven models in the series offer high current and inductance, as well as low dc resistance (RDC). The BRL3225T-1R0M, for example, is rated at 2.4 A at 1.0 µH inductance while providing 0.043-Ω RDC. Claiming the highest current rating in a 1210-size device, the BRL3225 series is now being produced at the rate of 10 million units per month. Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.) Inc.,

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