Web Exclusive: Pioneer in Rotationally Molded Spas
June 2009
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Dream Maker was the first to rotationally mold products to spa industry and today uses one of the largest rotomolding machines in the world to can produce up to 64 spas in a single manufacturing shift at its 585,000-sq-ft plant in Lake Mary, FL, U.S. Using the rotomolding process, a mold is filled with heated plastic resin, then rotated to coat the interior of the mold completely. Every spa is then water-tested for 24 hours. All the company's spas are one-piece, portable units made without wood, metal, or vinyl parts, to make assure they will not rust, rot, or rip (the company provides a lifetime shell warranty). Today, its EzSpa and BigEZ (pictured) are manufactured as one-piece, portable spas and designed to sell for significantly less than most hot tubs. The shell material is weather-resistant and the unit plugs into a standard wall outlet.

Dream Maker LLC, www.dreammakerspas.com

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