Web Exclusive: Spas Using Proprietary Vinyl Forming Process
June 2009
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Cal Spas (Pomona, CA) has a patent pending on its Geoforming molding process and this year launched the Genesis line of spas that are manufactured using the new process. Using the process, the company molds the spa’s shell and cabinet from a single sheet of acrylic, creating a seamless, smooth, durable exterior. It's the first time a spa maker has had the capability to mold a spa’s entire exterior from one sheet of acrylic. The process makes it possible to produce lower price-point hot tubs from a single acrylic sheet, and creates a design alternative to rotomolded hot tubs. The OEM says the difference is in the material use: rotomolded spas are most often made of polyethylene, but its customer feedback indicates that hot tubs made from acrylic are the more popular choice. The new series models are also designed to be the only single-motor spas with two pump heads and 110-V plug-and-play capability.

Cal Spas, www.calspas.com

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