DC Servo Motors
February 2009
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Available in three lengths, the Series-6000 brush-commutated dc servo motors have been engineered to deliver reportedly more power than most other dc motors of similar size. The 22-mm-diam motors feature a skewed five-slot armature design and bonded neodymium iron boron magnets to contribute optimized performance in a cost-effective package. The longest model (1.901 in. in length) can provide up to 40% more continuous torque (2 oz-in.) compared with shorter 22-mm-diam electric motor products. Other motors in this series are offered in shorter lengths of 1.256 in. and 1.556 in. with the capability to achieve continuous torque up to 0.80 oz-in. and 1.3 oz-in., respectively. Ametek Technical & Industrial Products, www.ametektechnicalproducts.com


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