Energy-Efficient EC Motors and Axial Fans
December 2008
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From Q-Motor to iQ-Motor: EC Drive Replaces Low-Efficiency Shaded-Pole Motor
The iQ-motor, a simple yet innovative
drive and fan solution engineered by ebm-papst Inc, is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It was designed as an alternative to low-efficiency shaded-pole motors.
The iQ-motor offers a significantly improved inner mechanism which incorporates electronically commutated (EC) technology, achieving up to 70% in energy savings when compared with shaded-pole motors. The integrated electronics provide open- and closed-loop control options, which conventional ac technology lacks. Best of all, the iQ-motor is mechanically and electrically compatible while maintaining the same exterior design of the tried and tested shaded-pole motor, allowing for ease of transition from old to new. The transition not only pays off for the environment, but can put money back into the pocket of the user as well.
Axial fans of 154–254 mm (6–12 in.) can be installed on the iQ-motor, which is designed for 115 or 230 V at 50/60 Hz with a maximum power output of 10 W. It is suited for small axial fans in ovens, vending machines, compressor cooling systems, refrigerated display cases, general condenser applications, and industrial air cooling and transport.

The HyBlade—A New Breed of Fan
The HyBlade, engineered by ebm-papst, is a revolutionary concept of axial fans that combines the benefits of two materials into an intelligent package.
The HyBlade is a hybrid fan composed of a corrosion-resistant aluminum supporting structure and spray-coated fiberglass-reinforced plastic blades. Compared with conventional metal components that can only be shaped by punching, stamping, bending, or embossing, the plastic blades assume a sleek 3-D profile. The firm’s winglet technology has been incorporated onto the blade tips, which improve aerodynamics and minimize turbulence between blade and housing for quiet and efficient operation.
The HyBlade is incorporated with the firm’s EC-Technology motors—the key foundation of its energy-efficient motors; users average 30% less in energy consumption. The drives are controllable, save energy, and achieve a high level of efficiency up to 90%. In addition, they are maintenance-free and have a long service life.
The HyBlade is remarkably easy to install as it shares the same dimensions, mounting flanges, and connections as previous models. Due to the lightweight structure of the assembled units, users do not need to overexert themselves when installing the HyBlade.
The HyBlade has demonstrated its ability to contend with the most diverse conditions, such as extreme UV radiation, heat, and rapid temperature fluctuations across a range from stifling humidity to subzero temperatures. The HyBlade also withstands severe vibrations and shaking.
The HyBlade can be adapted to specific operational requirements for heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and climate control. It is available in five sizes ranging in diameters of 500–990 mm (20–39 in.).

Benefits of the HyBlade include:

• Massive weight reduction.
• Ultraefficient blade profiling.
• Revolutionary noise reduction.
• Substantial improvement in efficiency rating.
• EC technology.

W1G200 Series of Energy-Saving Axial Fans Expanded for Refrigeration Applications
ebm-papst Inc. offers a versatile alternative to traditional axial fans with shaded-pole motors for refrigeration applications. The W1G200 series has expanded its product line, now offering five sizes ranging in diameters of 172–300 mm. The W1G200-series fans have only a 3-in. installation depth, much shorter than conventional fans with shaded-pole motors. Retrofitting to larger openings is made simple with a mounting adapter ring which can increase the outside diameter by 20%. The EC motor is programmable for two selectable speeds and can be adjusted according to the application and ambient conditions in the field using a laptop PC. Energy savings, quiet performance, and long life are all provided in an easily mounted package. It’s suited for use in freezer cabinets, ice machines, reach-in coolers, condensers, food display cases, and vending machines.

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