A Design Award-Winner
September 2008
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Inspiration for the design of the Electrolux Aurora induction cooktop comes from the trend of creating sinks that are elevated above the counter surfaces.

It is a design worthy of today's crossover rooms, according to judges of the Australian International Design Awards. The cooktop received an Australian Design Mark.

The cooktop, designed and produced by Electrolux Major Appliances in Australia, is treated like "an object in its own right" and helps create a focal point in modern crossover rooms that blur the distinction between kitchen and living area.

LED perimeter lighting is designed to adds drama when the cooktop is in use.

The white patterned glass uses new processes from the glass supplier in France in which clear glass has a pattern applied to top and bottom surfaces, for unique depth and details.

"By elevating the kitchen cooktop to sculptural art, users gain a positive emotional experience whilst performing functional everyday duties," Electrolux says in its awards application.

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