Hydrogen Powered Vending
April 2009
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The world's first autonomously powered vending machine that runs on hydrogen was unveiled at the recent NAMA (National Automatic Merchandising Association) Expo in St. Louis, MO, U.S. Vending machine OEM Jofemar (Navarra, Spain; www.jofemar.com) engineered the Vision Multiseller H2 to use hydrogen instead of electricity. A hydrogen fuel cell is fed with hydrogen from a portable Ovonic Solid Hydrogen Storage canister. The fuel cell has a back-up battery for when the portable hydrogen canister needs to be recharged.

For safety, the Ovonic canister utilizes low-pressure metal hydride technology for hydrogen storage. The amounts of hydrogen used in the chemical process are minute, also enhancing safety.

“The system created by our engineers allows the “Vision H2” to be able to work with absolute autonomy and without connection to the electric source” explains Felix Guindulain Busto, Jofemar’s general manager.

That means the units can be placed in locations that have never been practical for electric-powered vending machines.

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