Web Exclusive: Technology = Operator Efficiency
April 2009
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Crane Merchandising Systems (Bridgeton, MO, U.S.; www.cranems.com) designed its new Merchant Six for a high degree of differentiation from other snack center vendors. It's product development focused particularly on developing a new user interface.

Technology Borrowed from Home Appliances

The dynamic keypad is based on the touch sensing technology, without moving parts, that is now seen in many home appliances. Large lighted keys make it easy for users to use. A new OK key allows users to confirm their selection and improves their confidence in the machines. The graphic display simplifies machine/user communication and the point of purchase window makes it ideal media for product promotion.

Upgraded Electronics

Crane expanded electronics platform with new capabilities:

  • upload/download software and configuration with memory stick
  • language translation
    remote price changes (via Streamware Connect)
  • easy integration with other Crane products like Currenza Payment Systems and Streamware Vending Management Software
  • LED lights are offered to reduce service costs, improve product view, and make the machine more environmentally friendly
  • new in-line GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) power cord facilitates connection

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