Web Exclusive: Two-Stage Snowblowers for Heavy Snow
April 2009
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Toro Power Max two-stage snowblowers are capable of throwing up to 2200 lb of snow per minute up to 45 ft away. Freewheel power steering provides operators maneuverability by disengaging one or both wheels without having to shift the machine into neutral. Handle mounted triggers give the operator the ability to clutch the wheels independently or simultaneously with the flex of a finger, enabling the wheels to “freewheel.”  The system also makes it easy to move the snowblower in and out of tight storage areas.

“Two-stage units are big, powerful machines that can throw nearly a ton of snow per minute. That’s why it’s critical to select a snowblower that is easy to operate, especially when it comes to turning," says Christine Cheng, marketing manager for Toro (Bloomington, MN, U.S.; www.toro.com). "You should not have to ‘muscle’ or lift up the snowblower to maneuver it.  Nor should you have to push and hold the snowblower in place while it bites into heavy snow drifts.”

The auger system automatically meters the amount of snow coming into the auger to reduce clogging problems. The system enables the machine to power through heavy snow, deep drifts and areas of compacted snow that would clog most conventional two-stage machines. A heavy-duty auger gearcase transfers more power to the serrated augers as they bite into compacted icy or wet heavy snow. The commercial-grade gearcase is built to withstand extreme stress, eliminating the need for troublesome shear pins.

Quick Stick chute control allows operators to easily adjust chute rotation and deflection angle with one simple control, and is designed to be as easy as using a video game joystick.  Operators simply depress the locking mechanism and move the chute into position. A position lock keeps the chute firmly in place to eliminate movement during operation.

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