December 2008
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Offering reliability and efficiency to consumer electronics and kitchen appliances, the new 0.5-W SMD LEDs feature a built-in zener diode that withstands electrostatic discharge (ESD) voltage up to 8000 V to protect against ESD damages at the production line. The LEDs meet industrial temperature ratings of –40° to 85°C, and a built-in heat sink helps dissipate the heat generated from the LEDs. Operating at a forward current up to 150 mA, the package design comprises a low thermal resistance and low power consumption. To enhance aesthetic benefits and design versatility, the LEDs feature a wide viewing angle of 120° and are available in various color selections such as blue, white, warm white, green, yellow, and red, as well as an RGB full-color option at 120 mA per channel. The new series is IR reflow solderable and designed for an automatic pick-and-place mounting process to increase productivity and reduce assembly cost.  
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