Air Leak Tester
June 2001
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The Model Q6000 air leak tester departs from the usual l9-in (482-mm) rack format adopted for leak testers, according to the supplier, iTi Qualitek, Inc. Radical new styling and feature rich technology is said to put the device in a class of its own. Users of the new leak tester will be able to make full use of multichannel synchronous and asynchronous testing. The benefit of the latter is that operators reportedly do not have to wait for one another to load and connect all the test pieces before the leak test can be started. Up to four intelligent detector modules can be connected to the control unit for remote programming with up to 16 programs each. Each of the gas boxes functions independently, irrespective of its power or operational status. Program editing or removal can only be carried out with the password-protected control unit.

The networking capacity of the unit reportedly enables installation of the control unit, which can be wall mounted, to be up to 100 ft (30 m) from the detector modules. The easy-to-read graphical display screen shows the test status and pressure profiles for each leak test. Local test status and results are displayed on the individual detector modules in sight of the operator.

The detector modules feature stainless steel IP54 rated enclosures, a front-mounted pressure regulator, and large, bright pass/reject indicators. The company's first models are the differential pressure decay versions, which are available in seven pressure ranges. Gauge decay, mass flow, and laminar flow versions will also be introduced. The versatility of the system will reportedly simultaneously permit the connection and control of mixtures of detector modules.

Applications for the leak tester include testing of engineering components, medical device testing, and testing appliances such as refrigerators.

The company is also working on the next generation of the Q6000 leak tester, which will be able to control testing with many more detector modules.

iTi Qualitek

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