Temperature Controller
September 2008
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Responding to OEMs’ need to meet design-to-cost goals for temperature controls, a manufacturer has established global manufacture of its surface-mount Thermoswitch temperature controller. The Series 30000 Thermoswitch is a precise, adjustable electromechanical controller with an on-off differential of ±1°F (±0.55°C). Competing snap-action products typically are at less than 10°F (5.6°C) differentials, according to the firm. The temperature controller requires no external power source, responds rapidly to temperature changes, and costs less than an equivalent electronic control. All controllers use the principle of the differential expansion of metals to control internal electrical contacts and regulate temperature. This proven technique is accurate and linear from less than 50° to 600°F (10° to 315°C), which is beyond the range of most electronic controls.


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