Fluorescing Light-Curing Needle-Bonding Adhesive
September 2008
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A new light-curing adhesive, MD 1162-M, can bond needles, syringes, and other stainless-steel cannulae. With low viscosity for quick, air-free dispensing into needle hub cavities, the medical device adhesive bonds stainless-steel cannulae to polycarbonate, PVC, glass, and polypropylene hubs. It produces clear bonds that exceed pull forces of other available adhesives in various needle-bonding applications. 1162-M cures in fractions of a second when exposed to high-intensity UV light or an electrodeless focused-beam curing system. For in-line inspection, 1162-M fluoresces blue under low-intensity black light, which is highly compatible with scanning and vision systems typically incorporated in automated production. This product is also available with the firm’s new Ultra-Red fluorescing technology, 1162-M-UR.


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