Flame-Retardant Polycarbonate/ABS Blend
August 2008
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BBT Thermotechnik (Wetzlar, Germany) constructs the housing for the latest-generation Heatronic II gas boiler using Bayblend FR 3010. The flame-retardant blend of polycarbonate and ABS (PC/ABS) meets requirements for electrical safety, resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis, light stability, and heat resistance. To fit the complicated inner workings of the control system and numerous operating elements, the molding must show minimal warp and have high dimensional accuracy and stability. The material also offers processing advantages. Heat resistance of up to 110°C (Vicat B 120), toughness, and stiffness means the panels can easily be demolded at high temperatures, which minimizes injection molding cycle time and increases productivity. Bayer MaterialScience AG, www.bayermaterialscience.de


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