Precision Snap-Disc Thermostats
August 2008
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Designed to help appliance manufacturers meet challenging design-to-cost goals, the Series 08 precision snap-disc thermostats are available globally as hermetically sealed all-welded stainless-steel probes (Series 08-8X) or as epoxy-sealed surface mounting (Series 08-0X) with calibrated temperature settings from 35° to 550°F (2° to 288°C). These rugged devices feature a repeatable snap-acting bimetallic disc as the actuating element and have silver contacts to assure long life. Individually calibrated to meet both thermal and electrical characteristics, they meet MIL-STD-202D and MIL-STD-213B vibration and shock requirements. The probes and surface mounts, constructed with Ryton or ceramic bases and stainless-steel caps, can withstand harsh and high-temperature environments. Terminal options include lead wires (any length), solder lugs, wiring eyelets, and quick-connect-style terminals. All devices are RoHS and CE compliant, CSA certified, and UL 873 component recognized.


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