Washable Keyboard
August 2008
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At 16.7 × 7.5 in., the J84-2800-series washable keyboard can help control the spread of infections in medical facilities. With a fully sealed rubber casing rated to NEMA 4, the keyboard is suited for rinsing and total immersion in cleaning fluids, allowing healthcare providers and other users to wash the keyboard with hospital-grade disinfectants and commercial antibacterial wipes. It is suitable for areas with strict hygiene demands, such as operating rooms, medical carts, ward stations, intensive-care units, and dialysis centers, as well as other locations susceptible to cross-contamination. The J84-2800 features a CLEAN key that disables key functions during the cleaning process to prevent accidental data transfer and ensure infection control procedures can be carried out without disruption to patient care or costly downtime to system hardware. The keyboard measures and features a 104 key U.S. layout.


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