High-Reliability Thermal Controls
August 2008
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The Valstat thermal controls use standardized designs and a stocking program to cut the cost of reliable thermal protection for motor, transformer, and lighting applications. They feature snap-action design and are available with various bimetallic elements to match the current sensitivity of the device to the application. Suited for vacuum impregnation processes, Model FC-M1D and Model FC-P2D series are both ultracompact. Model FC-M1D uses a low-profile and electrically live drawn-metal case, while Model FC-P2D uses a heat-resistant PBT plastic case. Model J(C) series is available with same-end termination (JCA) or opposite-end termination (JCB), as well as various leads and terminations including nickel strip for rechargeable battery packs. Its gasketed zinc-plated steel case is suited for many varnish impregnation processes.


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