Test Service
July 2008
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A lower-cost service has been launched to complement the firm’s existing scope of EMC testing services. It will appeal particularly to companies wishing to test their products’ EMC compliance during design and development. The firm has invested in a large G-TEM cell for EMC radiated emissions and immunity testing, which will form the basis for the new service at its test facility in Fareham, Hampshire, UK, and will complement its existing 11 EMC chambers. The G-TEM cell represents a lower-cost alternative to conventional screened rooms for radiated emissions and immunity precompliance or confidence testing. However, full-compliance radiated immunity testing to EN 61000-4-20 (as an alternative to EN 61000-4-3) and radiated emissions testing can also be performed in the G-TEM cell. Measurements made with a G-TEM cell are accepted for final compliance demonstration by the FCC for Parts 15 and 18 radiated emissions testing. TÜV Product Service Ltd., www.tuvps.co.uk

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