Right-Angle Switches
July 2008
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Designed to eliminate the need for a separate LED and light pipe on a printed circuit board, the Elum series of right-angle illuminated push-button switches is available with or without LEDs and features custom snap-on caps. The switches feature a 6-mm profile and are available in through-hole and surface-mount configurations. Ratings range from 0.01 to 250 mA and from 20 mV to 50 V dc. The latching version (push-push) can be specified for switching functions such as mode select and power on-off, while the momentary version is suited for test, reset, and notification functions. Series switches are RoHS compliant and compatible with high-speed reflow soldering processes. The 30,000-cycle life expectancy makes the push-button devices suited for industrial, medical, and consumer electronics applications.


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