Power Rocker Switches
July 2008
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The PRC series of power rocker switches is designed for snap-in panel mounting and is IP66 rated for protection against dust and liquids. PRC power rocker switches are suited for applications in industrial machinery, vacuum cleaners, HVAC equipment, power tools, power supplies, and audio equipment. The switches are rated for 20 A at 125 V ac or 10 A at 250 V ac. Additionally, the switches are rated for ≤ hp 12 A at 250 V ac or ≤ hp 10 A at 277 V ac. A 21.2 × 36.6-mm panel cutout will accept the switch. Wire termination options include screw terminals, solder tails, and quick-connect tabs. The switches’ electrical life endurance is rated for 6000 cycles minimum, while mechanical life is rated for up to 100,000 cycles. Actuation forces range from 400 to 2900 g. The switches are RoHS compliant, UL component recognized to U.S. and Canadian standards.


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