Illuminated Push-Button Switches
July 2008
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The KP series of illuminated, silent-actuation push-button switches has been expanded to include audible actuation with shorter strokes, making it suited for audio and video applications. With high-quality LEDs for color matching, the series enables designers to create customized control panels with project-specific colors with low power usage. It comes standard with red and green built-in LEDs, which can be combined to produce amber. High-quality RGB LEDs are also available and allow for brilliant, infinite colors. The built-in LED frees engineers from having to source LEDs on their own and install them, or from having to assemble an LED into the base switch at all. The push buttons feature a unique actuation guide to ensure positive indication of circuit transfer. In addition, design engineers have an option of tactile or nontactile feedback. Three different industry-standard cap sizes—12, 15, or 17.4 mm—are available, including a home key with a small divot in the center of the cap. This allows for maximum design flexibility.


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