Hydration-Monitoring Sensor
July 2008
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CA, U.S.–based HydraCoach developed the hydration monitor as a small component comprising a low-pressure, low-volume, liquid-flow sensing mechanism linked to an interactive computer/display module. When the unit is inserted between a hydration source and its drinking port, a complete system is created that provides an accurate measurement of fluid intake for proper hydration.

The monitor uses generated electronic pulse technology in which a magnetized impeller, floating within a sealed cartridge, is placed inline with the path of fluid and close to a sensor located within the head unit. The liquid flow rotates the impeller, causing the embedded, equally spaced magnetic elements to pass the sensor, generating a small electronic pulse. The pulse is measured by the microprocessor and the measurement of fluid volume is calculated. The fluid amount and various functions resulting from it appear on the user display. It calculates the user’s personal hydration needs, tracks and paces real-time fluid consumption, and motivates the user to maintain optimal hydration.

The Intelligent Water Bottle is the first application of the monitor, which is also designed to splice into the drinking hose of any hydration pack. A Hydration Pack unit will be launched in the near future. www.hydracoach.com

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