Lightweight Robotics
June 2008
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The YK600XGH SCARA robot features direct drive on all axes including both the z and r axes. The new design increases the maximum operation speed by 20–27% with x-y axes, 26% with z axis (for 200-mm stroke), and 41% with the r axis over the previous model. The use of aluminum extruded material ensures high rigidity. The unit weighs 48 kg with a 200-mm z axis or 50 kg with a 400-mm z axis and maintains a payload of 20 kg. The compact design allows flexibility when designing a system. With a 4–11% weight reduction and a motor that is short in overall length, this unit offers the shortest height in its class. With x-y axes positioning accuracy of ±0.02 mm, it can be used in applications to assemble small parts to relatively large parts with a high degree of accuracy. Yamaha Robotics,

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