Refrigerator Hinge
June 2008
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The K05 heavy-duty refrigerator hinge is weight-rated for up to a 220-lb refrigerator door. Even when utilized on extra heavy doors, the hinges can keep the door tightly and completely closed because of the integrated spring mechanism. Upon opening the door, the free swing design helps cancel the spring force, allowing a gentle, smooth transition to the open position. Doors have a wide range of motion because, when open, the distance between door and refrigerator is greater, allowing better access to products inside the refrigerator. The hinge is easy to install, as only two screws are required to mount it to the refrigerator door. The opening angle extends to 115° and the free swing mechanism, for a controlled opening process, activates at 50°. Completely safe for use in refrigerators, the K05 is RoHS compliant.


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