Interchangeable-Blade Power Supplies
June 2008
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Suited for ITE and medical applications, a company’s Class II wall-plug-in power supplies feature interchangeable blades that accommodate configurations for North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, China, and Korea. The GT-41076 series has a rated output power of up to 6 W, GT-41052 up to 15 W, and GTM-41060 up to 25 W with constant current option. The power supplies have regulated output voltage from 5 to 48 V dc in 0.1-V increments and up to 25 W of continuous output power. Style enclosed power supplies are housed in impact-resistant nonvented polycarbonate upper and lower cases with thermal conduction cooling. Case dimensions are 64 × 40.5 × 29 mm. This family meets RoHS, Energy Star, and California Energy Commission (CEC) standards and also features regulated output with very low ripple. All models carry UL, TÜV and T-Mark logos, and the CE mark. Reports, including CB, are generated by independent certified laboratories. Modified and custom designs are also available.


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