Automatic Crimping
June 2008
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 With up to four processing stations, a crimping machine automatically processes large wire with cross sections up to 16 mm2 and covers a wide range of crimping and crimp/seal applications. The CrimpCenter 64 HD was designed to process medium to large cables, but with special options it also processes small to medium wire applications between 22 and 10 AWG (0.22 to 6 mm2) and can be easily integrated in existing standard networks with TCP/IP. Learning new software is not required. The company also launched a programmable machine for twisting multiple single wires, an operation which gives the twisted wires higher stability for easier wire routing and improved protection against electromagnetic interference. Consisting of an electrical drive unit and a compact holding unit, the WireTwist 500 twists preprocessed wires that have been stripped, crimped, or sealed. The final wire length depends on wire diameter and pitch length of the twists. Minimum wire length is approximately 18 in. (450 mm), and maximum wire length is 79 in. (2000 mm). Longer wires up to 197 in. (5000 mm) are also possible with a wire guide between the power unit and holding unit. A clearly structured display allows quick adjustment of revolution speed and number of revolutions (forward and reverse). Parameters can be saved to and loaded from the internal memory. This allows processing of different applications with high repeatability and consistent quality without compromising flexibility. Changeovers to different wire lengths and wire diameters are also done quickly and easily. Custom adapters for wires with housing or other special applications can be made according to customer specifications.


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