Remote-Head Video Imaging System
May 2008
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Measuring 32.6 × 38.6 × 41 mm, a compact, remote-head camera model is the latest addition to the company’s popular IK-TF 3CCD color camera series and shares many of the same features, including the progressive scan system that delivers precision color images with no image jitter. The lightweight (5.74 oz.) system comes equipped with CameraLink output, a C-mount, and two optional cable lengths (3 and 5 m) for easy configuration into machine vision systems where space is limited. The new camera system utilizes the company’s proprietary 3CCD prism block technology to deliver clear true-color images with video output of 659 (horizontal) × 494 (vertical) pixels at 60 frames per second at full frame, and up to 180 frames per second in partial scan mode. It also features 1/100 to 1/100,000 second electronic shuttering capability and external triggering for professional imaging applications. Suited for imaging high-speed machine vision processes, other applications include industrial, scientific, security, R&D, and all imaging tasks that require precision three-chip color, clarity, and high resolution. Toshiba Imaging Systems Div.,

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