High-Speed Prefeeding Unit
May 2008
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The PreFeeder 60 is a high-speed prefeeding unit for use with automatic cut strip terminate (CST) machines. A controlled roller drive feeds the wire into an accumulator to reduce tension on the wire before it is pulled by the high-speed feeding mechanism of the CST machine for further processing. The PreFeeder 60 can maximize productivity of the processing machine, especially when it comes to wire packaging that might be problematic (e.g., wire barrels, loose wires, cardboard boxes). With a maximum feeding speed of 59.5 ft/sec (9 m/sec) (depending on wire type and wire bundle), the PreFeeder 60 has been optimized for high-speed fully automatic crimping machines such as the company’s CrimpCenter models. Wire line height can be easily adjusted, and a wire end-detection sensor is also available as an option. The PreFeeder 60 fully complies with all CE and EMC guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.


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