Encapsulated Thermostat
May 2008
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A thermostat is said to offer OEMs a reliable, low-cost solution for wet or damp environments. With an all-plastic sealed housing that eliminates corrosion and prevents water damage, the T60 delivers a smaller package, lower cost, and a longer life than competitive models. Suitable applications for the T60 temperature controller include refrigeration defrost control, heat pumps, and HVAC applications. The automatic-reset thermostat features a factory-calibrated fixed bimetal disk mounted adjacent to the monitored surface. It provides a rapid response to temperature changes and is built to open or close on rise at the desired set point. The T60 quickly adapts to 5⁄16- or 3⁄8-in. tubing with or without clip. A clip can be provided to hold the sensing element firmly against the surface. Its compact size allows placement into applications with tight space restrictions. The T60’s snap-action SPST contacts are rated to 16 A at 250 V ac S (9 A at 12 V dc) and may be factory calibrated at any temperature between –20° to 100°C (–4° to 212°F). It can be specified with a wide variety of lead wires and connectors. Ratings and approvals include UL, CSA, VDE, and RoHS compliance.


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