Varistors and Electronic Components
May 2008
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Three catalogs are available to help design engineers make component selection. The 316-page SIOV Metal Oxide Varistors Data Book 2008 presents the company’s extended product range of SIOV metal oxide varistors. It features leaded-disk varistors, thermoFuse and fail-safe varistors, block varistors, and strap varistors. Electronic Components for Consumer Applications contains information on the company’s products characterized by high reliability and precision, with resulting energy savings. Another product profile includes an overview of the company’s NTC thermistors for temperature measurement, inrush current limiting, and temperature compensation. The full-color, 32-page brochure covers a wide range of miniature sensors, leaded and leadless disks, glass-encapsulated thermistors with and without insulation, NTC probes, and SMDs with Ag/Ni/SN termination. Products are classified by applications, complete with key technical data, dimensional drawings, photos, and ordering codes. All three catalogs can be downloaded for free from the company’s Web site. Epcos,


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