Environmentally Friendly Compressors
May 2008
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A line of compressors has been designed for use with carbon dioxide refrigerant in low-temperature subcritical cascade cycle applications. The Copeland scroll compressor is hermetically sealed, eliminating possible leak points found in reciprocating compressors such as gaskets and bolted joints. This reduces the potential for direct refrigerant leaks. The compressor’s strong steel shell allows these compressors to withstand the high pressures associated with CO2 systems.

After launching the line in Europe and receiving positive feedback, the company is working with U.S. OEMs serving the supermarket refrigeration industry to test systems using the new Copeland scroll compressors. European countries are increasing their usage of CO2 as a refrigerant because of its neutral impact on global warming and ozone depletion. “HFC refrigerants often offer superior energy efficiency versus CO2. However, we are seeing that CO2 can offer comparable system efficiency when applied in a subcritical cascade refrigeration cycle, which can be applied in supermarket applications,” says Rajan Rajendran, director of applications engineering, refrigeration division. A summary of the environmental impact of different HVACR systems can be viewed at www.emersonclimate.com/refrigerant_webinar.htm.


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