Portage Electronics Thermal Controls
May 2008
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Portage Electric Products Inc. (PEPI) develops and manufactures miniaturized thermal controls. PEPI products control or limit the operating temperatures of small motors, appliances, battery packs, and similar electrical products. An internal bimetallic element reliably makes or breaks a circuit depending on temperature rise or fall. These versatile products are sold worldwide and can be factory-customized to fit special customer needs. Customers can specify precise calibration temperature, increase or decrease circuit sensitivity, and add lead wires, terminals, insulating sleeves, and more.

When Cost Is the Primary Concern

The PEPI Valstat line of thermal controls is backed with a substantial stocking program that lowers costs and speeds availability. They are suited for inductive load applications where cost is a primary concern but PEPI reliability is still desired.

A Worldwide focus

PEPI products are sold worldwide and manufactured in plants in the United States, Mexico, China, Japan, and Germany with additional business operations in The Netherlands and Hong Kong.

For more information, contact Portage Electric Products Inc.; tel: +1-888-464-7374; Web site: www.pepiusa.com. Portage Electric Products Inc.


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