Hess Industries Sheet Metal Fabrication Systems
May 2008
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Hess Industries specializes in designing and building sheet metal fabrication systems that are programmable and highly flexible. The company’s proprietary Demand Flow Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly technologies support lean manufacturing.

Recently, a white-goods manufacturer utilized a Hess sheet metal fabrication and assembly system to produce two models of clothes washer wrappers from blank stock. The system utilizes a bottom bracket assembly and welding line, a two-press blank-forming station, and a wrapper final assembly system.

The forming and assembly system synchronously links up a preformed wrapper blank and fully assembled bottom bracket to the wrapper line. Parts are automatically fed and welded to form an enclosed bottom frame. Simultaneously, two die sets and part transfer system emboss and edge form a wrapper blank. The blank is then transferred on to the wrapper line where it is formed into a “U” shape with corner radiuses and a large radius formed in the front panel. The bottom bracket is then welded to the wrapper and two corner brackets located and welded into place. Then the wrapper is transferred onto the final assembly line.

For more information about Demand Flow Sheet Metal Fabrication and Assembly technology, please visit www.hessonthefly.com. Hess Industries

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