Everel Water-Resistant Switch
May 2008
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The wide range of Everel water-resistant switches has increased with the new RMASK series, which features a diameter of only 20 mm and an easy-to-install round shape.

Everel water-resistant switches are suited for all applications where robustness, reliability, and a high level of dust, moisture, and splash protection are required.

Everel water-resistant switches are manufactured with care and thoroughly tested to guarantee up to IP65 protection degree and a mechanical working life up to 300,000 cycles. Materials used for the manufacture are compatible with hydrocarbon and solvents.

These switches are equally suitable for existing control panels and for new projects, particularly in applications such as outdoor appliances, medical equipment, machinery, and instrumentation devices.

For more information on Everel water-resistant switches and all other series, please visit www.everel.eu. Everel


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