American Nickeloid Co. Metal Processing
May 2008
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American Nickeloid provides a complete range of finished metal solutions including plating, polishing, laminating, and painting. Its six coil lines in two facilities process a wide variety of metallic substrates in gauges from 0.008 to 0.107 in. Widths of up to 60 in. are available. With two plating lines, one at each facility, the company offers a variety of decorative and functional finishes, which include brass, copper, nickel, and chrome. In coil coating, the company’s unique configuration of coaters and ovens allows it to apply complex paint systems in a single pass. It offers tinted coatings and unique finishes for special applications and laminates both interior- and exterior-grade film, one-sided or two-sided, ranging in thickness from 0.500 mil to 40 or 50 mil.

Whether you require a single bill or prefer toll processing, American Nickeloid is prepared to meet customers’ needs. In addition to coil processing, it also offers auxiliary operations such as slitting, corrective leveling, blanking, and the application of several types of strippable protective coverings.

The company’s proven system speeds production, minimizes inventories and rejects, and overcomes environmental concerns. As a certified ISO 9001:2000 supplier, it is committed to providing a quality product at an economical price.

For more information, please contact American Nickeloid Co.; tel: +1-815-223-0373; Web site: American Nickeloid Co.


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