Electromagnetic Simulation Tool
May 2008
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Electromagnetic simulation tool Opera from Vector Fields Inc. (Aurora, IL, U.S.) has added sophisticated model parameterization and scripting capabilities, making it simpler to perform ‘what if?’ investigations and speed up virtual prototyping of electromagnetic equipment. Every variant of Opera version 12 includes these features. A tool for optimization is also available to automatically seek the best solution for single or competing goals.

The application is available in variants, with generic 2-D and 3-D finite-element analysis (FEA) solvers for static and time-varying electromagnetic fields, and with application-specific solvers for design work involving rotating machinery, superconducting magnets, particle beams, dielectric insulation, and magnetization/demagnetization processes. The latest release extends the performance of many of the solvers to enhance simulation fidelity and speed.

“Opera’s integrated design-simulate-optimize tool chain allows organizations to reach the optimal solution much faster, eliminating the huge cost associated with physical design iteration cycles. The incredible amount of intellectual property built into this tool suite can cut months from the most challenging of projects,” says Vector Fields’ Kevin Ward, PhD.

V12 provides integrated design-simulate-optimize tools to create design models, simulate electromagnetic behavior (and optionally, related physics including temperature and mechanical stress), postprocess results, and iterate the concept to reach the optimal solution. Component or system models can be imported from CAD programs, or generated using a powerful built-in geometric modeler built around the industry-standard ACIS geometry engine. To enhance design process efficiency, models may now be parameterized using variables, making it simple to refine ideas. Users can quickly change parameter values in a model and view effects, or macros can be built to automate complicated design tasks.


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