Poly-carbonmonofluoride Lithium Coin Cell Battery
May 2008
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Panasonic/Matsushita Battery Industrial (Elgin, IL, U.S.), provider of battery solutions, extended the configurations for the highest-capacity coin cell in its Poly-carbonmonofluoride, high-temperature (BR) lithium battery product line. The BR2477A utilizes unique polymer materials and manufacturing techniques to provide high temperature tolerance and exceptional reliability for applications requiring high capacity in harsh environments. The cells now come in four tab configurations: two-pin horizontal, three-pin horizontal, vertical, and flat mount.

“This coin cell uses a special high-temperature polymer gasket and separator material with high-temperature-tolerant electrolytes to achieve its superior performance characteristics,” explains Michael Dvorak, product manager, Panasonic OEM Battery Group.

The lithium coin cell has 1000 mAH nominal capacity, 3.0 V nominal voltage, and flat discharge voltage. It has a very low discharge rate of 0.5% per year at 20°C, 6% per year at 85°C, and 10% per year at 100°C. It is engineered to operate under extreme temperature conditions, from –40° to 125°C. It has a perchlorate-free chemistry.


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