Do-It-Yourself Haircuts
May 2008
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Remington Products designed the ShortCut Clipper to be the first clipper system enabling men to cut their own hair.

The clipper is designed with a unique curved blade and a brush shaped design, intended to make cutting hair as easy as brushing it. The extra wide curved blades cut back and forth to the shape of the head for an even cut in fewer passes than traditional straight clippers. An adjustable comb guide offers five length settings, cutting from 1⁄8 to ½ in. A balding comb attachment gives the closest cut possible from an electric hair clipper. The clipper delivers the popular short to ultrashort hairstyle easily, evenly, and error-free.

“I truly believe the ShortCut Clipper is going to revolutionize the hair-cutting category by giving guys the tools and confidence they need to take their hair matters into their own hands—you can’t mess this up,” said Drew Fiorenza, vice president of Remington Products.

The unit also has self-sharpening blades that never need replacing and a pop-up trimmer to detail around the ears and neckline. The 40-minute run time and cordless capability are also designed to add to the ease of use of the clipper.

Remington, part of Spectrum Brands Inc. (Madison, WI, U.S.), cites research showing 10 million men have a short haircut and another 41 million men have considered getting one. One thing holding them back was that there was no easy, error-free, do-it-yourself method. Fifty-four percent of men who keep their hair short use electric clippers and usually need someone else’s assistance to keep it like that. Attempting to cut their hair with conventional clippers results in an uneven cut.

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