White Multichip LEDs
April 2008
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A new series of white multichip LEDs can provide a range of high-powered InGaN white LEDs used in general lighting applications, amusement and gaming equipment, and for backlighting TFT displays. Each module combines either six or eight LEDs in one to four separate channels. Modular design allows the SEPW devices to be easily assembled into string arrays by simply connecting the modules in a series. The devices also provide superior color balance throughout the display because of the high density of LEDs that can be achieved. This minimizes the distance that power and control lines must run between LED modules and from the LED modules to the control electronics. The white thermoplastic case features good heat dissipation properties, with the white resin compound formulated for superior reflectance and transmittance of the generated light. Enhanced thermal dissipation is achieved through the incorporated heat sink on the bottom of the package. The heat sink can be mated directly to an external radiator through the PCB for superior heat conduction, allowing dense placement of modules. The lead frame is plated with silver, providing a highly reflective surface for the bottom and sides of the emitting area. The terminals and heat sink are also silver plated.


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