Multishot LSR Injection Molding
April 2008
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A company has broadened its manufacturing capabilities to include multishot liquid silicone rubber (MS LSR) injection molding, a process that combines liquid silicone rubber and traditional thermoplastics in one molded part. This process brings together the advantages of multishot thermoplastic molding with the properties of silicone to produce a versatile, soft-feel part with biocompatibility, chemical resistance, clarity, and the ability to withstand harsh environments. MS LSR is an easy way to cost-effectively add product features and opens numerous new design options that are aesthetically appealing and economical from an engineering perspective. The company offers full MS LSR capabilities including design, engineering, tooling, and molding. Its new MS LSR facility will have the capabilities to handle a wide range of volumes, for a variety of markets, depending on the need.


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