Power Test Stand for Drive Systems
April 2008
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An innovative, programmable power test stand features a maximum torque range of 500 N•m and a maximum speed of up to 12,000 rpm. It can be used to perform power analysis to help select a drive system for an individual application or to test existing drives, such as air-motors, hydraulic or electric drives, grinders, and drills.┬áThe system performs in a four-quadrant operation, and it is now possible to carry out power tests up to 22 kW, as well as measure operating pressure and air consumption. The company also offers air-motors with ATEX certification II2GDc IIC T6 and T5 in a power range of 20 W–18 kW. Vibration-insensitive and heat-resistant, the air-motors are suited for use in extreme environments where constant contact with water, dust, cleaning solvents, or acids is required.


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