Specialty Tape Products
April 2008
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Three new tape product lines have been created to solve problems in the metal market. Hyperjoint is a permanent adhesive tape that can eliminate the need for spot welding. Both the Hyperjoint H8000 and H9000 series, distributed in roll form, come in thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 1.2 mm and various widths to fit any project need. The acrylic foam tape with double-sided adhesive provides superior bonding strength, heat, and weather resistance. Legetolex, a sound and vibration adhesive patch, offers an easy and cost-efficient peel-and-stick application that targets specific structural problem areas rather than the full surface area. Nitohard is a structural reinforcement material that has been used in the automotive industry for years. The epoxy foam tape is hardened with heat to create excellent reinforcement of thin-gauge metal. Nitohard allows manufacturers to use thinner metal but still have the strength of a heavier gauge in the areas that need it. 


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