Motor Bearing Protection Ring
April 2008
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The new split-ring version of the Aegis SGR Bearing Protection Ring comes in halves for easy field installation with little or no disassembly of equipment.¬†For variable-frequency-drive (VFD)–controlled ac and dc motors, the SGR Split Ring protects bearings from electrical damage caused by circulating or shaft currents, extending motor life as well as preventing bearing noise, downtime, and costly motor repairs and replacements. The SGR Split Ring simplifies maintenance programs for motor repair shops, maintenance contractors, HVAC service contractors, and in-house plant maintenance departments. Unlike conventional shaft-grounding brushes, the ring is maintenance free and lasts for the life of the motor, regardless of the rpm. Its conductive microfibers work with virtually no friction or wear and are unaffected by dirt, grease, or other contaminants.


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