EC FHP Motors
April 2008
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Offering energy-saving solutions, a new generation of EC fractional-horsepower (FHP) motors can deliver high performance in efficiency and low noise. The thermoplastic motor housing, along with an integrated electronic board, reduces heat transfer to the environment and results in a cooler motor and subsequent energy savings. The electronic board is moisture protected and provides locked-rotor protection against overheating. With its service-free lubricating system, the MCE motor series can achieve an average life expectancy of 30,000 hours in working temperatures ranging from –22° to 122°F (–30° to 50°C). For easy drop-in replacement, the MCE series has adopted the company’s standard shaded-pole motor design and uses the same set of accessories such as brackets, fan blades, and guard grids. The motors are suited for use in display cases, refrigerated walk-in, cool-drink dispensers, and small condensing units.


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