MCUs for Invertor Control Applications
April 2008
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Built around the company’s 78K0R CPU core, a new line of 16-bit all-flash microcontrollers (MCUs) is designed for a new generation of intelligent and eco-friendly appliances. The 19 MCUs in the 78K0R/Ix3 lineup are integrated with invertor control circuits and can deliver significant energy savings in products ranging from refrigerators and air conditioners to dishwashers and magnetic-induction cooking appliances. The CPU power consumption is 1.8 mW per million instructions per second (MIPS), the highest performance-to-power-consumption ratio in the industry, according to the company. All MCUs feature on-chip oscillators capable of driving timers at rates up to 40 MHz for fine-tuned invertor control; integrated hardware multiply and divide functionality for fast processing of mathematical algorithms; and integration of all analog circuits required for invertor control, including comparators and an integrated operational amplifier. In addition, an all-flash memory configuration allows an MCU to be updated even after it is mounted on a system board, so manufacturers can accelerate development schedules by developing software in parallel with hardware.


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